Powerful computers in the cloud you can rent and use online

Create, work, and play anywhere. Cancel anytime

Create, work and play from anywhere

Use your cloud PC from a browser tab, a smartphone, a tablet, or even an old laptop.

High-end performance
on demand

Get easy and instant access to a Windows PC with dedicated graphics cards, powerful processors, and abundant memory.

  • 3D modeling and animation
  • video editing and rendering
  • data analysis
  • gaming
  • and much more.

Pay only for what you need

Pay for the resources you need when you need them, rather than incurring the upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining physical hardware.

No more expensive, bulky, or obsolete devices

Reduce the need for physical hardware and maintenance, enjoy lower costs and reduce your environmental impact.

Ideal for teams working remotely

Easily collaborate and work with others on projects or assignments, without the need to be in the same location.

Fewer devices
= Less e-waste

By using cloud PCs, your devices last longer, leading to less e-waste and a smaller environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

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