Tótem Computer
for animators, 2D/3D,
and VFX artists

Unleash your creative potential with high-performance cloud computing.

Discover the seamless 3D, animation, and VFX production experience with Tótem Computer.

Our powerful cloud-based workstations cater to the demanding needs of artists, animators, and VFX professionals, providing you with the resources to create stunning visuals without compromising on performance.

Your Tótem Cloud PC is a powerful computer that lives on the internet.

Access it from any device with a web browser, and it delivers all the computing power you need for your most demanding tasks without slowing down your own device.

This way, you don't need to buy an expensive computer; instead, you rent the resources you need, saving money and allowing you to work from anywhere.

Tótem's Windows cloud PCs provide a powerful platform for running a wide range of industry-standard 3D animation and VFX software.

Unleash your creativity using popular tools such as Autodesk Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, Houdini, and 3ds Max.
For compositing and visual effects, our cloud PCs support software like Adobe After Effects, Nuke, and Fusion.

Whether you're sculpting intricate 3D models, creating realistic simulations, or adding the finishing touches to your masterpiece, Tótem's high-performance cloud computing ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, no matter which software you choose.

Cloud PCs
for animators,
2D/3D, and VFX

Tótem Pro Graphics

High-performance virtual workstations in the cloud with powerful CPUs and graphics

8-core CPUs

Dedicated Graphics Card

Up to 45GB Memory

Up to 2TB Storage

Great at:

2D/3D design and modeling

Visual effects, CGI, and lightning

Graphics-intensive apps


AI/ML workloads

Software/Game development

Ideal for:


Industrial design

2D/3D and VFX artists




Mac users that need to run demanding Windows apps

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