Tótem Cloud Computer

Create, work, and play anywhere

Run all your software from anywhere, on any device, with your very own virtual workstation in the cloud.

Rent and access a powerful computer in the cloud to create, work or play from any device you own.

Tótem Computer streams a full Windows PC to your browser and lets you use it from any device in the world.

Perfect for creators, professionals, and students who need flexible, accessible, and powerful computing power without requiring large, obsolete, and expensive hardware.

Run your apps anywhere,
and take them everwhere

Architecture and interior design

3D art, VFX, and design

Audiovisual producers


Game Design & Software Development

Which Cloud PC is right for you?

Tótem Pro Graphics

High-performance Cloud PC desktops with powerful CPUs and dedicated graphics cards

8-core CPUs

Dedicated Graphics Card

Up to 45GB Memory

Up to 2TB Storage

Great at:

2D/3D design and modeling

Visual effects, CGI, and lightning

Graphics-intensive apps


AI/ML workloads

Software/Game development

Ideal for:


Industrial designers

2D/3D artists




Tótem Pro Works

Well-rounded Cloud PCs for everyday work, office, and research tasks

6-core CPUs

Virtual Graphics Card

Up to
16GB Memory

Up to 2TB Storage

Great at:

Running Windows-exclusive apps

Office/school documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

Browsing high-speed internet from different locations

Reviving older devices

Graphic design and simple 3D modeling

Ideal for:


Office and School Staff

Transform every device you own
into a capable computer
powered by the cloud.

At home, at school, at the office, and even abroad... Take and use your Cloud PC anywhere. Subscribe and access using your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and many more devices. You don't even have to own a machine.

Connect using our app or third-party remote desktop software to best fit your experience while creating, working, or playing on any device.

Access with your smartphone
An old laptop
Your tablet
Or anywhere else

Choose a more convenient setup

Revive an older, obsolete device

Get more use from ones you already have

Let disposable devices last longer

Your new computer
is in the cloud.

Features and Benefits

High Performance

Find models with high-performance processors, memory, and graphics for resource-demanding tasks.

Storage Options

Multiple storage options so you can save while storing your apps, games, and files on your Cloud PC.

High-speed Internet

Enjoy a high-speed internet connection while browsing, downloading, and uploading content on your Cloud PC.


Your Cloud PC, apps, and files are yours and not shared with anyone.

No device is obsolete.

Give new life to an older laptop, tablet, or smartphone

Pay only for what you need

Don't break the bank on an expensive and obsolete-prone device to get the computing power you need.

Your new Cloud PC
is just around the corner